• In the mountains of Carnia

  • Il "sea" in mountain

  • " Autunno al lago di Bordaglia "

  • Forni di Sopra, Val Tagliamento

  • Val Degano, Val Pesarina

  • Val Degano, Val Pesarina

  • Forni di Sopra , Val Tagliamento

  • Sauris - Val Tagliamento, Colline Carniche

  • Val del But, Val d'Incaroio

  • Carnia Greeters , Preone , Val Tagliamento


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Adotta una forma di formaggio

SAURIS - Sauris di Sotto
Malga Alta Carnia [didactic workshops]

From Wednesday 17 June 2020 to Wednesday 30 September 2020

It is an all-round experience that accompanies visitors through the world of cheese ageing and maturing, from the visit to the mountain hut to the cellar. At the end of the visit, for those who wish, it is possible to buy a form of cheese "adopt" it and then follow its maturing at a distance. 



Duration: 1h

Number of participants: min. 2 - max 15

Reservation: by the Monday evening before


Reservations Sauris Tourist Office by Monday evening.

Info & Contacts

Additional information:


Ufficio Turisitico di Arta Terme
+39 0433 929290

Ufficio Turistico di Forni di Sopra
+39 0433 886767

Ufficio Turistico di Tolmezzo
+39 0433 44898