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RAVASCLETTO - varie localitÓ in fvg [local intereset]

The deep-rooted religious tradition of Christmas in Friuli Venezia Giulia is expressed, above all, in the nativity scenes.

 In Lignano, the nativity scene can only be made of sand. In Ravascletto nativity scenes created by descendants of the Cramârs, street vendors in Carnia active from the 16th to the 19th century, are displayed. In Sutrio, the nativity of Teno is a miniature reproduction of the traditional practices and customs of the town, with scenes which are brought to life thanks to a series of perfect mechanical mechanisms. The one in Selz di Ronchi dei Legionari is in motion, with over 300 figures driven by a single motor. The Corgnolo di Porpetto nativity scene is distinguished by the presence of living animals such as geese, ducks and hens etc. In Poffabro, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, all of the alcoves and balconies of the houses host nativity scenes: a special atmosphere descends at dusk and Poffabro turns into a "Nativity amongst the Nativities". In the ancient Medieval village of Polcenigo, decorations are made of plaited wicker as encouraged by the local basket weaving tradition and customs of this tradition. In Grado, Jesus is born in the lagoon: instead of huts there are large houses and instead of shepherds there are fishermen.

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