• Bacio delle Croci - Zuglio - Val del But, Val d'Incaroio

  • Forni di Sopra , Val Tagliamento

  • Il "sea" in mountain

  • " Autunno al lago di Bordaglia "


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Passeggiate naturalistiche

TARVISIO - Varie destinazioni [Guided tours, cultural promotion]

From 1st June to 26th September 2019

Undemanding trips suitable for all, particularly for family groups, which take place in areas of great natural and environmental interest.
Requires shoes suitable for trekking an electric torch for night walks.
Duration: half day ? Guide: nature guide
Maximum number of participants: 20
Bookings: by 6 p.m. on the day before the trip

Reservation compulsory at Infopoint PromoTurismoFVG Tarvisio

Info & Contacts

Additional information:


Ufficio Turisitico di Arta Terme
+39 0433 929290

Ufficio Turistico di Forni di Sopra
+39 0433 886767

Ufficio Turistico di Tolmezzo
+39 0433 44898